Writing, Writing, Writing

Writing, Writing, Writing

Take a stab and guess what this piece is about. Over the years we have all tried to right a wrong but now, alas….it’s our job. We must write a wrong as we create our content, write our headlines, answer an email or in so many realms as we communicate online.

What does one do when they have difficulty expressing their thoughts in a coherent, easy to understand fashion ? If you have a terrific idea or product, better than anything in the market, but you cannot find the words to capture your intended customers attention and eventually their business, where do you turn ?

You Need a Copy Writer

There are many people out there ready to help:

  • Ad copy writers
  • web copy writers
  • general copy writers
  • B2B copy writers
  • sales campaign copy writers

If you happened to be a fan of Don Draper of Mad Men fame then you are a copy writing fan. Newspapers and magazines are littered with the efforts of copy writers. Most of what you hear on the radio has at one time or another passed through the hands of a copy writer. The same is true of all those TV ads we suffer through.

Copy writers fill many different niches; they ghost-write entire novels, handle enormous marketing budgets for some of the planets largest corporations and also provide services for even the smallest companies. Politicians couldn’t live without them …… not their fault folks…they are just doing what they’ve been asked to do.

Where Are These Copy Writers ?

They are everywhere. On the trains, planes, highways and byways. You know these people and, believe it or not, most likely YOU are/have been/will be a copywriter. You have written copy. In your blogs, articles, emails and the any place you’ve written a word. Maybe you don’t enjoy writing or feel you just don’t have what it takes to write convincingly.

Help is available, copy writers write; it’s what they do and they want your business. There are copy writing web sites awaionline.com – American Writers and Artists and a great deal of training available both online and through your local library. A simple google search will present many different options to assist you no matter what area you feel you need help in.

Trained Assassins ? ….. or Trained Assistants

A copy writers job is to provide their clients with the words to deliver their message or product to their intended customers. If you feel your verbiage is weak or lacking call on a trained copy writer to help you acquire that elusive customer who is just waiting to hear what your message is.

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