Who Needs Copy Writing ?


We have billions of people using the internet. They want to be entertained. They want to be informed. They are seeking information on innumerable topics. How do you, one of millions of business owners, reach them ? You need a plan. Wouldn’t it be best to take a proven approach to reach your customer ? You may know widgets but do you know what motivates those online searchers to find you ? Copy writers do.

copy- writing - excellence

“Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain excellence in writing copy”



Copy Writers write copy

Copy writers ask questions of business owners to ascertain what they make and who they want to sell it to. When and how do they hope to sell their product. Whether it be a home or a puppy, a candle stick or a cannon some approaches are better than others to reach your customer. What has been your experience to date ? Are you happy with your current advertisers ? What is the competition doing, is there one competitor that is leading the way ?

Many people see print advertising and ignore it or scan and toss it because they see the same approach all the time, same old, same old. Wouldn’t it be great if people learned to seek out your add and searched for the “what’s funny” within your offering.

Who do you read when you are relaxing ? Do you enjoy a writer with a sense of humor ? How often have you turned to the comics in your newspaper…..it’s like having desert at the end of a meal. What’s funny has always been appreciated and sought after. Smiles and laughter, even a snicker is a pleasurable experience. You know this so why not use it.


Do you have a plan

Are you satisfying a need or solving a problem for your customer ? Have you clearly answered questions and addressed issues within your ads ? Does your potential client have a clear idea of who you are and what you offer ? Do you leave them with something to remember them by ?


What can you do to motivate your customer to take action ?

Feelings and emotion lead to action. It usually is not enough to list your benefits and site your accomplishments. The potential customer has to want to do business with you, they need a reason to choose your company over the competition. If you can make them smile or laugh, present an amusing anecdote you have created emotion and opened the door to action. Copy writing with a side of humor can go a long way to having your customer see you as more human than the others and lead them to taking action because you have made them feel better.

Writing funny copy is a skill

Think of the people you like best, the people that you always enjoy speaking to. These are usually people with a good sense of humor; people that lighten the mood. Many a speech has begun with some humor…to put you in the right mood to tune your ear to what they have to say next. Funny lasts, funny sticks – your ad, your story should leave people with a smile.





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