Like Writing, Need Help?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was told early on that I was a good writer. I thought that at some point I might make my living with my writing skills.

I am at this point of my life, considered ancient by my grandchildren….and, on occasion, by my wife. Recently retired I thought I might, yet again, try my hand at writing.

When I was just out of high school, 1971, I thought I might work for some small outfit like say…..The New York Times or more locally The Boston Globe or the- then Boston Herald. Maybe The Cape Cod Times or even my hometown Sandwich Enterprise.

Eventually I had at least 1 item in each of those spread sheets (except the NY Times). As it happens my plans were derailed and I never got more than a cup of coffee with any of those outfits. As it happened I didn’t have the time or the funds to be a poorly paid cub reporter and still have enough money to eat.


Dreams have a way of resurfacing throughout your life and so it happens I am once again poking around and seeking a writing opportunity. The world has changed. Writing careers have evolved tremendously. There is now more opportunity than ever before if writing is in your blood.

In my search to find the best writing space for me I have looked in all the usual channels. I have crawled through my local libraries. Searched the resources available in my community and lastly on this new thing they are calling “the internet.”

There is an overwhelming amount of information available. Much of it is just fluff and someone pushing somebody else’s program. So I dug a little deeper; actually a lot deeper.

Yahoo ! I found a company that has it all. If you are looking for an opportunity to write. If you hope to make a living, it’s possible to make a very good living, then now is the absolute best time to do it.

I’ve discovered a terrific group of people with the greatest offering of writing services available. From education, assistance, direction and income producing avenues they have it all. I would only share this with you if I was a true believer. I am 4 months into my new writing adventure and enjoying it very much.

So if you’d like to stroll through their offerings I think you’ll be quite pleased. Just click here to check out AWAI. Please let me know what you think and if you are as captivated by them as I am.

You can, of course, be a writer without being paid to write. Then again, if you can do what you love to do and be paid for it you’d be crazy not to! I can guarantee you’ll love writing your name on the back of those checks that arrive after your submissions.

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