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Of the 2 billion plus people shopping online 100 % of them are looking for information. They want to know what something is, how it works, who uses it, where they can find it and how much does it cost. That’s what each of us is wondering and trying to get the low-down on as we search online. To accumulate this information requires a lot of research and an abundance of writing.

When Something Needs To Be Written It’s Best To Use A Writer

duh…I mean DUH ! When you’re ill do you seek out a person that has a rudimentary understanding of your malady ? If you lose the brakes on your car do you bring it to an oil change specialist ? Well some of us have done that ….and then we have to find the people that actually know how to do brake work. Don’t waste your time and money going down the wrong road. If you have but 3 -7 seconds to engage your potential customer you can’t afford to blow it !

Words are the tools of the copy writers trade. When an experienced writer is presented with an assignment he is able to utilize the skills he has developed via all his past work. A copy writer is able to know the lay of the land and the sequence of approach necessary to reach out to your customer in such a way as to make them feel comfortable with your message.

People responding to your email, letter, ad or phone call must be greeted and welcomed in a manner that encourages them to stay with you for a while and to learn what it is that you have to offer.

Brevity is virtuous. Saying more with fewer words is welcomed by your customer. What, why,where, when and how; along with how much – this is what your customer wants to glean from your message.

Researched Content Delivers The Goods

When you reach out to a copy writer be prepared to provide him with the information he needs to deliver the message you want He’ll bring the words but you’ll have to supply the outline. If you are manufacturing and selling       left-handed tennis racquets your copy writer should have one to hold.

What is it about your product that differentiates your company from the competition ? Who is the competition ? What is it that they do well ? Is your racquet lighter ? Stronger ? Less expensive ? Perhaps it costs twice as much as theirs but we can show how it is 3 times the racquet that theirs is !

If the products are very similar then perhaps ours has more colors, delivery is free, has a longer warranty or a free trial. An experienced copy writer will, with your help, deliver the superior qualities of your product to your customer so that he feels he has no choice but to buy your racquet.

Copy Writing And Your Message

You know your product. You’ve sourced the raw materials and designed exactly the finished superior racquet that you want your customers to experience and own. You have employed metallurgists and nylon manufactures along with graphic designers and paint engineers to bring your product to the highest levels possible.

Does it make sense, at this time and after all this effort, to have a non-professional handle what has proven to be the most important step in the process ? If you are unable to speak to your intended customer in such a way that they just have to have your racquet then everything else that you have done, all that you have accomplished, will be for naught….nothing, zero, zip, nada.

Cooking With Content

As a business owner you know your product. You understand who the competition is and what they have to offer. You have worked to learn who your customer is. Now you need to combine all those ingredients and find the right “cook- “copy writer” to blend the ingredients, set the right temperature on the oven and place the finished meal on the table.

From the market to the table is a multi-step process and all facets must be handled properly for the meal to be a success. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have done everything just right and then dropped the dinner on the floor !

Thomas Jefferson – an original copy writer !


Finish The Job

So much time, effort and expense has been expended to bring your product to the market. The last item is the most important item – making the sale. The copy writer, so to speak, is the frosting on the cake.






8 Replies to “Information, Content and Copywriters”

  1. Matt's Mom says:

    Where do we find copy writers to write these articles for us?  I could see this being very beneficial as it would free up so much time for me to work on other money generating options for my post?  Is this something that is fairly inexpensive? Or do you kind of get what you pay for?  Any site you recommend to obtain well written material?

    • admin says:

      Hi Matt’s Mom –  Everyone has their own strengths and many of us ( like me ) have some areas where we are not strong.  I think the WA community would be happy to provide some help if you ask.  Feel free to contact me if you think I may be of help.  Thanks Mike

  2. John Greg says:


    This is a great information. 

    I honestly thought copy writer are the ones that makes copyright rules. No joke. 

    I don’t know if you are familiar with Fiverr or similar services where people offer you to write a blog for money. Are they copy writers?

    I am asking because I want to try it. Your content gave me a better understanding how they work. 

    Can you suggest good copywriters? And how much do you think I should expect to spend if Ill hire one for my blog?


    John Greg

    • admin says:

      Hi John – Thanks for the feedback ( that’s a funny phrase, isn’t it ?).  People that write – for magazines, newspapers, advertising companies and much more are writing “copy”.  If you google copy writers you’ll find any number of folks that will help you.  I am one such creature.  I’m sure many of our fellow members at WA would also be able to help should you need it.  Thanks Again – Mike

  3. Nic says:

    Very funny, informative and well said!

    I couldn’t agree with you more. You always get what you pay for…in any aspect of any profession. Having the write intnent for the content is a must. Understanding the audience and understanding that capturing people’s attention is complimentary. 

    You have said it well here my friend. Great post and keep it up!


  4. Barry says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information about information, content and copywriters. One can easily loose customers if he has no knowledge on how to keep the customers engaged. I have seen some one have massive success from a blog because he employed a content Creator to write the posts on his blog.

    • admin says:

      Hey Thanks Barry – Everyone needs to research and really know their product, there is no moving forward without this.  But everyone also has the opportunity to reach out for help in areas they are weak in. I know I do. Mike

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