Great Small Business Ideas

Great Small Business Ideas

 There are so many great small business ideas that it simply boggles the mind.

I believe most everyone has dreamed of opening their own business.  I would guess that it is probably in the top 10 if not top 5 dreams that everyone has.  Why not, it’s a dream that is within almost everyone’s reach.

As you read this I’m sure your mind has drifted to a plan or dream of your own.  Why not embrace that dream, revisit your dreams of days gone by when you allowed yourself to think, nay believe, that even you could someday live the life you had once dreamed of.

I know for me, I wanted to be a writer.  Any kind of writer.  A war correspondent or a sports writer.  Maybe write features for the New York Times or Time Magazine.  Of course things didn’t work out that way for me; you know… the writer thing.  I did, however, end up owning my own business.  Four of them in fact.  One at a time over a 45 year period. Owning a small business is great, a terrific way to work and earn your living, very rewarding.

Now I am retired.  Once again I am thinking of how I had dreamed of being a writer.  So I began researching and poking around on this internet thing   Well, I found many, many folks that wanted to “help” me with my writing desires.  I would, of course, have to forward several rather large sums of money to have my work evaluated. I could send in some copy, along with a check, and they’d get back to me …..

Being a stubborn old timer I kept at it and I believe I have found something.  If you are a closet writer and have been hiding that dream for years you really should check this out.  I did.

Easy Money – Quick Second Income

America Writers and Artists Inc. – AWAI – has a tremendous number of programs to assist writers from beginners to the highly accomplished.  Do yourself a favor and visit their site by clicking here  I recommend visiting their site, taking a tour and researching the many educational programs they offer.

6 Replies to “Great Small Business Ideas”

  1. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    Other than the business idea this article has really motivated and inspired me. Reading you short story about how you want to become a writer and later you pursued it is just great to hear. It makes me think I should go for my own dream.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • admin says:

      As I have gotten older I realize that dreams are the engine that moves people of great accomplishment.  It’s sad how many go their entire life and deny themselves this adventure.  

      Give life to your dreams and they’ll sustain you.  Best Wishes ! 

  2. Barbara says:

    We all have a secret dream to pursue and you should definately pursue yours, it is never too late. I myself, am following my heart and writing as well but enligh is not my main language so I ma struggling a bit in making sense sometimes. Still I am not giving up and I am looking forward to reach my goals! Like you said it is never too late.

    Only a little note I wanted to check out the link on your site but it appeasr to have a falut, I do not know if you have realized that. 

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara – Thanks for the heads up on the fault. I admire anyone that can communicate in two languages….I often have trouble with one !   A large part of enjoying today is dreaming about tomorrow and beyond.

      Thanks Again – Mike

  3. Michael says:


    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for your well-thought-out words. I think that a lot of us eventually just give up on the idea that we can live out our dreams because we think there are just too many insurmountable obstacles. We give up on what we think about most for an alternative that brings us this false comfort. I’ve spent endless hours thinking about these topics and I’ve refused to let go of my dreams. I also wish to write professionally. The ability to accurately describe, in writing, what I am thinking about is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I will be pursuing writing as a career and I thank you for giving me the pep in my step today to continue on my journey.



    • admin says:

      Hi Michael – It’s funny, you know it may just be that i’ve retired and find that I can give myself the OK to pursue one of my dreams.  It is exciting and I am eager to move forward with my plans. 

      I hope that you and others that have sen my post allow yourself to pursue your dream. 

      Thank You – Mike 

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