January 2019

Find A Writer

If you can’t write, have tried over and over again and yet your efforts end up in the trash can…..don’t jump off a cliff ! Chill. Relax, take a walk, get some fresh air and decide how to move forward.   Most People Aren’t Great Writers Great writers are much like great anythings people do. Some are natural; not many. This is true in every field. Doctors, dancers, actors and

Great Small Business Ideas

Great Small Business Ideas  There are so many great small business ideas that it simply boggles the mind. I believe most everyone has dreamed of opening their own business.  I would guess that it is probably in the top 10 if not top 5 dreams that everyone has.  Why not, it’s a dream that is within almost everyone’s reach. As you read this I’m sure your mind has drifted to

Like Writing, Need Help?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was told early on that I was a good writer. I thought that at some point I might make my living with my writing skills. I am at this point of my life, considered ancient by my grandchildren….and, on occasion, by my wife. Recently retired I thought I might, yet again, try my hand at writing. When I was just out of high school, 1971,